Girl Midget

I’m not a surfer. I’m simply obsessed with all things Gidget.

I’m married to my Moondoggie, and we reside in North Carolina with our three dogs, one cat, one parrot and one bearded dragon. (Shut up.)

I work in radio (sometimes).

I’m writing a book that may or may not see completion.

I’m writing another book with a friend, and not only will it see completion, it will effectively rock your entire universe.

In my spare time, I like the very unladylike pastime of gaming and the very choir geek pastime of singing with my a cappella group, Cognitive Resonance.

I ghost hunt. SRSLY.

I read a lot, but it seems that I don’t get any smarter.

I’m on Twitter.

I’m just your everyday headcase, really. But I’m nice. And no matter what anyone else says, I like you.